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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] WP - eBusiness Solutions Part 1 - Messaging


Thanks for the comments - let me see what I can do here!

See notes below.


Message text written by Alan Kotok
David, et al:

Sorry about not responding sooner.  The old bandwidth problem.

One basic issue that you need to address is the scoring method.  Your 
expertise on the subject not withstanding, other people representing other 
technologies would likely give different scores looking at the same set of 
criteria.  My recommendation would be to score the factor as Yes/No rather 
than a 0 to 9 scale.  In that way, your numbers are more solidly based and 
less open to interpretation.

>>> Yes/No will not work.  We need scores.  What I had hoped is that the
are representative of common requirements.  Then people can adjust the
to their own scenario as needed - but it gives them a start point.   The
answer I feel
is to have a paragraph or three on the scoring system, and how the values
arrived at.  I'll put something together....

The other suggestion is to separate EDI from the VAN.  EDI is the message 
syntax, VAN is the delivery mechanism.  AS2 delivers EDI as well, and so 
can ebMS.  Also, as I recall, VANS do not use secure FTP, but dedicated 
leased lines.

>>> We're just concerned with the delivery portion obviously.  Secure ftp
definately VAN preferred tool - even if it is over a leased line.  I think
term "EDI VAN" is well established as the type of service provider - as
opposed to ISP, etc.

And forgive my fading memory, but if this paper is part 1, what are the 
other parts?
>>> Now that would be telling!  Obviously there are others we can delve
into - but since messaging is the most often asked for - I started there.
The next one in the series is probably Security, and then Message Formats
and Business Process.

After that - we'll see what we get asked for....  in fact might be a good
idea to
do a survey once we have the Part 1 out there, to assess what people 
would like.... useful PR of course.


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