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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] URGENT - ebXML Lite !?!

It is actually like an automotive profile for ebMS and I would suggest 
they use the Deployment Template from ebXML IIC.  The term 'ebXML Lite' 
is not quite the most accurate term.

Yader, Mark (GXS) wrote:

> Folks,
> Some of my sales guys who sell to the automotive market have told me 
> that they have seen documents floating around (from Covisint and 
> others) that refers to something called "ebXML Lite"....a limited 
> ebXML implementation supporting:
> Any payload.
> Acknowledgement at the protocol level.
> Digital Signature.
> MIME multipart message package.
> Protocol Neutral messages.
> Reliable messaging at the protocol level.
> SOAP 1.1.
> Synchronous transport.
> SOAP envelope as first payload with SOAP header and SOAP body, 
> including manifests.
> Support ebXML 2.0 message packaging specification.
> Have any of you been involved with the definition/implementation of 
> "ebXML Lite" ?
> Regards.......Mark

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