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Subject: For Friday: Revised Messaging Assessment WP attached


Attached the latest and greatest - 0430 version.

I'd hope to get this out before todays call.  Oh well!

Consequently today's call was short and brief.
We discussed some mechanics for Monday's opening
of the ebXML conference in London.

Anyway - onward and upward.

I now believe I've covered off the gripes people had with
the first incarnation.

I'd like to move forward on getting this published to our
website Friday, and have it available next week for the
London show to reference it.

Obviously we can always do better - but I'm hoping this
is good enough for a V1.0 release - and that we can 
pass it on to willing hands to enhance and improve
in due course.

Opinions?  Nits?  Last minute edits/omissions ?  


If we can close this out by Friday mid-day EST, then I
can pass along the release copy to Carol and Dee then,

Thanks, DW.

WP - Messaging-Interchange Requirements 0430.doc

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