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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] [Fwd: Fwd: Korean Govt to Set Up ebXML-RosettaNet Link]

Thanks Monica (and Jon) for catching this interesting article.

The question not answered in the article is at what level does the Korean 
ministry want ebXML and RosettaNet to be interoperable?  RosettaNet has its 
RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF), which competes with 
ebXML.  But, as was shown in the proof-of-concept tests during ebXML 
development, ebXML messaging and registries can support RosettaNet PIPs.

Interesting cultural differences as well:  I doubt if the American 
electronics industry (or any industry) would tolerate the level of 
direction from public agencies evident in Korea.

Alan Kotok
Editor, < E-Business*Standards*Today />
Data Interchange Standards Association
+1 703-518-4174

At 08:33 PM 5/22/03 -0600, Monica J. Martin wrote:
>Courtesy of Jon Bosak
>Govt to Set Up ebXML-RosettaNet Link
>By Kim Joon-bae
>Tuesday, May 20, 2003
>Two next-generation international e-commerce standards, 'ebXML' and
>'RosettaNet,' will soon become interoperable, allowing the nation to
>take a leading role in linking the two mainstay standards on the global
>level. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said on May 18 that
>it would make concerted efforts with the Korea Institute for Electronic
>Commerce, an organization leading ebXML development, and RosettaNet
>Korea to develop an adapter used to link the two standards.
>The decision came after a meeting organized by RosettaNet Korea and
>attended by MOCIE and KIEC, and the project will become a part of the
>'RosettaNet-ebXML link plan' proposed by RosettaNet.
>Once the adapter is completed, firms in the electronics and electrics
>industries using RosettaNet will be able to engage in e-commerce
>activities with firms poised to adopt ebXML, which is in a final
>development stage before commercial use.
>Given the fact that ebXML is a global e-commerce standard and RosettaNet
>has established a foothold as an industry standard at home,
>interoperability between the two standards will contribute significantly
>to boosting the nation's role in link on the global level.
>"Since the link between the two standards must be in line with an
>international agreement, we will aggressively seek to reflect our
>position and link plan at e-commerce standard seminars and conferences
>held at home and overseas," said an MOEIC official.
>The ministry's decision is expected to give sense of stability to firms
>using RosettaNet by enabling interoperability with the fast-spreading
>international standard ebXML.
>It will also likely serve as a catalyst for adoption of ebXML in the
>electronics and electrics industries. The government has been providing
>full support for adoption of ebXML even before a commercial launch,
>citing its general-purpose use across a full variety of industries.
>The policy stance, however, caused a delay in adoption of RosettaNet in
>the country while leading multinationals such as Intel and Sony moving
>fast to introduce the standard. Facing the delay, in particular,
>industry experts raised the concern that it could result in losses of
>deals with foreign firms increasingly resorting to RosettaNet.
>"Interoperability will not lead to immediate effects since ebXML is
>still in a development stage, but the decision carries significance in
>that the government has begun to provide support for RosettaNet, which
>is fast spreading into the electronics and electrics areas," said Prof.
>Kim Sun-ho at Myungji University.

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