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Subject: WP - Messaging Options - Release Copy.


The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things,

and particularly white papers!   Attached.

I sense from Carol she would like to get a definitive 'Yes",
from everyone on this, before it goes out.

So - here's my plan on this - please review the copy - I've not
changed anything from the 21st copy (changes in that were highlighted),

I've simply consolidated the changes, and re-generated the table of
contents to make sure all page #'s tally.

If you have any last minute changes - cough - speak or otherwise
post them on email.

Then on Thursday in our meeting - we can move this document
forward  formally and approve sending it out - assuming we
don't hear any 'nays' on email before then.

Thanks, DW.

WP - Messaging-Interchange Requirements 052303.doc

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