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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 6/2/2003: Upcoming Demonstration Opportunity


Agree completely.  These demos, as we saw in London, wipe out many of the 
arguments put forward by nay-sayers.  I will put the announcement on the 
speakers' bureau and the general marketing lists.  Who can do the ebXML-Dev 
list?  Any others?

Alan Kotok
Editor, < E-Business*Standards*Today />
Data Interchange Standards Association
+1 703-518-4174

At 10:15 AM 6/2/03 -0600, Monica J. Martin wrote:
>This may be a good opportunity to work with AIAG in line with our desires 
>for JMT events.  Thoughts?
>We have been invited by the AIAG to organize a demonstration of ebXML 
>technology at this year's Auto-Tech Conference [Aug 26-28] in Detroit.
>This is a call to action for companies that are in position to demonstrate 
>ebXML technology based solutions.  If you are interested in participating 
>in this demo please join the organizing team at this Fridays B2B TestBed 
>conference call.
>We will hold an initial discussion to determine the scope of the demo and 
>get an indication of participant interest.  The call is at noon EDT. Call: 
>888-395-3323  access code 80135#.
>If your company supports the automotive industry - I urge you to consider 
>this an opportunity to be viewed as a technology leader and an AIAG partner.
>If you have specific suggestions about what should be demonstrated - 
>please post them as comments to this notice here at the B2B TestBed 
>collaboration site [or send them to me and I will post them for you]. If 
>you have any questions - please contact me.
>Tony Blazej
>760.751.9053 [Pacific Time]

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