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Subject: re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] Fwd: Re: interoperability demos at XML 2003




I'm sure - given that they have six months lead time - that
we can do this.

May I suggest we try and do two slots?

One in the morning - and the other in the afternoon?

I'm just thinking - OAG/NIST are talking about IVI for Detroit - we
could have that as an Automotive focus - and then maybe a
selection of others in the afternoon - HIPAA, and some other
areas people have done, as more show-and-tell - rather than
a massive interop' session?

Anyway - we should definately confirm we can make use of 
the threatre facility!

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by Alan Kotok
>IDEAlliance's original idea was to put them in the expo area and to run
demos up to five times, which convinced me that no one involved in that 
decision had ever organized or staged an interoperability demo.  After a 
couple of message exchanges with Lauren Wood (see below), IDEAlliance will 
now make a theatre area available for a single (what Lauren calls a 
big-bang) demo.  This is a much more reasonable and feasible idea.

In any event, do we want to encourage our constituents to stage a demo like

we had in London?  It is not a decision to be taken lightly, but as we saw 
in London, if it works, it is dynamite for public affairs purposes.

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