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Subject: re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 6/5/2003: Four Case Studies


Wonderful stuff.   We really are on a roll at the moment
with all the PR we are stepping out with.

BTW - its maturing as in wine - not getting old!

Message text written by "Monica J. Martin"
>    * XML in Ontario: Courtesy of Zheng (Jane) Liang
    * SAGE Project: Courtesy of Tony Apelon
    * DISA DRIve: Logo also included if you want to place it near a
      reference (courtesy of Alan Kotok)
    * Middle East Technical University
          o ***Note: I have attached the .pdf associated with this ebXML
            project but we can only provide a link reference to it and
            can not post the white paper**.  Link is:

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