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Subject: re: www.MessageStandards.com has been launched.


Thanks for the note.  I cannot believe you have ommitted ebXML
under your non-industry specific category.  The whole point
of ebXML is that it is a global interoperability standard across

This should be an entry both standalone - as ebXML.org  and
also under OASIS.

The ebXML messaging standards are the only XML messaging
currrently that have not only been implemented by major 
vendors, but also undergone a rigorous 6 month interoperability 
testing between those implementations.

You should also have a "Resources" section - and in that point to
papers such as our comparitive White Paper on assessing
e-business messaging solutions:



David Webber,

Message text written by INTERNET:MarkALieberman@aol.com
David Webber:

www.MessageStandards.com has been launched. 

The first site to bring together vendors, standards organizations, experts 
and users of message standards is now ready to be launched.

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