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Subject: REF: www.MessageStandards.com has been launched.


I'm underwhelmed here by Marks site.  However, all
PR is good PR!   However - I would not propose
at this time that we link to his site from ours,
particularly as it seems focused on getting
vendor advertizing.

Seems like he's got a lot of work to do to 
improve the quality IMHO.

Anyway - best to make sure our entries pass muster,
and leave it there for now.

Thanks, DW.

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From:	INTERNET:MarkALieberman@aol.com, INTERNET:MarkALieberman@aol.com
To:	, Gnosis_
Date:	6/16/2003 10:26 AM

RE:	www.MessageStandards.com has been launched.

David Webber:

www.MessageStandards.com has been launched. 

The first site to bring together vendors, standards organizations, experts 
and users of message standards is now ready to be launched.

As you know, today's economy depends on clear, accurate and timely 
information.  Organizations around the world are working hard to improve electronic 
communications in support of these goals.  Two of the key elements required for 
clear, accurate and timely information between transaction partners are message 
standards and message content definitions. 

MessageStandards has been established to provide a single point of reference 
to the industry.  MessageStandards is the one place to find out about the 
standards organizations, the vendors that support these standards and industry 
news.  Over time, MessageStandards will expand to include a Request for Proposal 
center and other services related to the message standards industry based on 
your feedback.

Today, MessageStandards includes a listing of message standards bodies and 
organizations that support message standards and message content.  The message 
standards bodies are listed by industry or by group, if they are not industry 
specific.  You will find very well-known groups such as ISO and ANSI as well as 
less well-known groups such as RULEML, Liberty and NISO.  

There are well over 250 standards organizations already listed on <A HREF="www.messagestandards.com">

In addition, there is a Vendor Directory with 600 vendors listed as of 
today.  The Vendor Directory is organized by industry, and within each industry the 
vendors are categorized by line of business (e.g., applications, service, 
training, etc.)  The vendor listing also indicates which message standards they 
support.  Vendors that are not already listed in the Directory are welcome to 
get listed and to promote their products.

A MessageStandards newsletter will be available within the next few months.  
The Messenger will contain important news as to standards bodies and vendors, 
as well as commentary and articles from message standards experts such as 
yourself.   These experts will form a Message Standards Fellowship and contribute 
their thoughts, opinions, advice and recommendations in The Messenger.  

I would like you to consider becoming a member of the Message Standards 
Fellowship.  Experts like yourself will be published in The Messenger and on the 
web site.  If you are interested in joining the Message Standards Fellowship 
please let me know.  If you cannot join the Fellowship perhaps you can suggest 
someone else equally committed to the establishment of effective message 
standards.  In any event, please let me know what you think of the web site.

Please visit <A HREF="www.MessageStandards.com">www.MessageStandards.com</A> and register for The Messenger 

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Mark A. Lieberman
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Subject: www.MessageStandards.com has been launched. 
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