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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] Be careful who you have lunch with!


Here's my thought - we do a morning showcase - which is the big
deal - Autotech style thing - but then in the afternoon we open it
up to smaller sessions.

If people are simply doing a single demo on one machine - just
illustrating what their thing does - its a whole less ugly than getting
10 folks systems connected.   We stress we want production ebXML
examples for those sessions.

Message text written by Alan Kotok
>Your idea to put out a call on ebXML-Dev is a good approach, although we 
may want to encourage industry groups that have business scenarios and 
payloads already developed, rather than individuals.  At the DISA 
conference we used paper industry inventory management scenarios with 
papiNet payloads (Hey, once a paper guy, always a paper guy). We may not 
need to do a screening.  We can provide the IDEAlliance contacts, and those

parties who are interested can take it from there.

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