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Subject: KOREA: IDEAlliance announces speaking opportunities for XML Asia and XML and Publishing events


Who do we know in Korea who can present on ebXML in Korea?

Thanks, DW.
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From:	"Elledge, Marion", INTERNET:MElledge@idealliance.org
To:	"'announce@lists.oasis-open.org'", INTERNET:announce@lists.oasis-open.org
Date:	7/1/2003  1:25 PM

RE:	IDEAlliance announces speaking opportunities for XML Asia and XML and Publishing events

IDEAlliance announces speaking opportunities for XML Asia and XML and
Publishing events
IDEAlliance has agreed to co-host XML ASIA, October 6-7, in Seoul, Korea.
The event, with a theme of "XML: Empowering Economies", is produced by the
ECIF, the Integrated Forum on Electronic Commerce. Speaking slots are
limited. If you are interested in participating in XML ASIA, please send a
brief abstract, bio and contact information to me: melledge@idealliance.org
<mailto:melledge@ideallianace.org>  or call (251) 432-3766 to discuss.
IDEAlliance is also producing the "XML and Publishing Conference" in
conjunction with Seybold San Francisco, September 11-12. There are a number
of speaking opportunities in the two-day, two-track event.
d> &-lay=webform&-format=conf_w_tracks.html&Program_ID=116&-Find
Sessions include:
- Building an XML Publishing System
- Innovative XML Editorial Processes
- XML and Publishing Workflow
- Content Syndication
- Taking Advantage of Knowledge Re-use for Publishing
- Effects of Blogging on the Publishing Industry
- Introduction to XML Schema
- Current State of Standards
- Linking
and more...
If you are interested in speaking on any of these topics or others, please
forward a brief description of presentation, bio, and contact information to
melledge@idealliance.org <mailto:melledge@idealliance.org>  or call
(251-432-3766 to discuss opportunities.
Marion L. Elledge
IDEAlliance (celebrating 20 years of markup)
Telephone: (251) 432-3766
email:  <mailto:melledge@idealliance.org> melledge@idealliance.org
Check out news and upcoming events at:
 <http://www.idealliance.org> http://www.idealliance.org
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attachments may contain confidential or legally privileged material. These
documents are intended for the sole use of the above named addressee(s). If
you or your company is not the intended recipient and you have received this
electronic transmission in error, you are notified that copying, reading or
disclosing these documents or their contents, or in any way using the
information contained in them, is prohibited. If you received this
ommunication in error, please notify us immediately at 703.837.1070 and
delete this electronic transmission.

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From: "Elledge, Marion" <MElledge@idealliance.org>
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Subject: IDEAlliance announces speaking opportunities for XML Asia and XML
	 and Publishing events
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