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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] Re: KOREA: IDEAlliance announces speaking opportunitiesfor XML Asia and XML and Publishing events

How about Chaemee Kim of Global e-Trade Solution?
She was supposed to give a talk on KTNET's effort
on Korea-Japan e-Trade framework based on ebXML
in XML Europe ebXML Showcase but could not make it
due to a personal reason.  Her email address is


David RR Webber - XML ebusiness wrote:
> Hmmmm.
> I think someone local talking about their local application would
> be my preference ; -)
> Not that you don't cut a dashing figure - but I think this is 2003,
> post-Iraq, so we need some local flag wavers.... ; -)
> Cheers, DW.
> =====================================================
> Message text written by Duane Nickull
> I may be able to do it.
> My Korean is a little rusty but most Koreans speak great english.
> Ohyunghasaeo
> Duane
> <

Sang Shin                       sang.shin@sun.com
Strategic Market Development    (781) 442-0531(Work)
Sun Microsystems, Inc.          (781) 993-1136(Fax)

(Life is worth living... with Passion!)

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