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Subject: XML.org Daily Newslink . Wednesday, 16 July 2003


I have to ask "why?" are we promoting this stuff within OASIS?!?

Who made that decision?

RosettaNet is not even a member - and would appear to be
trying to set itself up to compete with ebXML!

Also - I would argue that a B2B standard that is dyed in the wool
EDI by XML - being promoted as WS* - boggles the mind.

I can see why IBM is trying to peddle this.  RosettaNet has
lots of installed sites - so they can now tout these as WS*
installations - when infact they are not.   This is rather like
us saying that EDI is infact ebXML - and therefore there
are billions of transactions a day being sent via ebXML.

Unfortunately this is another example of where we are now
going to have to do damage control.

The chart I have pretty clear shows what the reality is here.
RosettaNet just does not pass strong scrutiny as a WS* stack.



Sigh, and sigh again.

Message text written by "dee schur"
Use RosettaNet Based Web services, Part 1: BPEL4WS and RosettaNet
Suhayl Masud, IBM developerWorks

This is part 1 in a series of articles which demonstrates the creation
of a real e-business dialogue by leveraging the industry leading
e-business process specifications from RosettaNet, and translating
them to Web services using the expressive and flexible BPEL4WS. Part 1
covers: The true potential of Web services; understanding how to
conduct e-business dialogues; advantages of leveraging RosettaNet;
introduction to RosettaNet; translating RosettaNet into Web services.
Parts 2 and 3 will discuss choreography for Web services and construct
a sample end-to-end e-business scenario that demonstrates the benefits
of combining RosettaNet and BPEL4WS.


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