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Subject: FW: XML 2003 Submission

Title: FW: XML 2003 Submission

FYI.......I'll look for your help/guidance on positioning ebXML appropriately (especially since my company is focuing more on vertical solutions like UCCnet and RosettaNet !!).


-----Original Message-----
From: Harnad, Jane [mailto:JHarnad@idealliance.org]
Sent: Monday, July 21, 2003 2:04 PM
To: Yader, Mark (GXS)
Subject: XML 2003 Submission
Importance: High

Dear Mark,


On behalf of the XML 2003 Conference Chair and Planning Committee, I am
pleased to announce that your submission entitled "XML Messaging - Across
The Chasm" was selected for presentation at XML 2003 in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. The exact date and time has not been identified yet, but will
be confirmed by late August. Talks will be scheduled on Tuesday December 9
through Friday December 12.

Please reply to this email (to jharnad@idealliance.org) by July 28th
indicating whether you still wish to speak at the conference or not. Please
read the rest of this email carefully before accepting, as it contains the
conditions of acceptance.

We expect all speakers:

- To produce a paper, marked up using the conference DTD, no later than
October 1, 2003 (tools will be provided from many vendors to assist in this
task). This is a very important aspect of this conference. Attendees use
this information as a reference for many years and are very disappointed
when promised materials are not made available. 

- To maintain their current information in the speaker (submissions)
database. The database may be accessed online using the same log in email
and password as you used to submit the paper originally.  If you have
forgotten your password, either click on the "Don't Remember My Password"
link or contact me for that information. The content for the conference web
site (http://www.xmlconference.org) and the printed brochure is created
directly from this database. The deadline to make any changes to your
submission for the printed brochure is August 8th.  Please help us keep the
information accurate.

The database link is: http://www.idealliance.org/xmlusa/03/call/

- To make every effort to abide by the deadlines and requests associated
with making the presentation. If at any time you are unable to make the
presentation, you will be expected to attempt to find a replacement speaker
for the same talk. If this is not possible, please let us know as soon as
possible so we can arrange for another speaker to speak on a related topic.
We do have a formal waitlist to cover this eventuality.

We encourage you to post information about your presentation on your company
web site, or on a personal weblog if you have one.  XML 2003 Conference
banner ads in different sizes can be found at
http://www.xmlconference.org/xmlusa/2003/bannerads.asp.  If you have any
questions, please contact me directly at jharnad@idealliance.org or
703-837-1095 (US Eastern time zone). 

We all look forward to a great 2003 conference and thank you for your
involvement and assistance in making this happen.

Thank you,
Jane Harnad

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