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Subject: ebXML and WS article in IEEE


Some good stuff here, but also some things that we are 
trying to clarify and rectify!

The conclusion on page 4 - I think helps toward this,but
the statements of page 1 - (see below) are not - and
of course this is exactly what I'd been focusing in on for
the ebXMLForum article and diagram:


as my crystal ball had anticipated this as being the next
big area we need to tackle.    If we get agreement on this,
from all the OASIS TC's out there - then our work is
greatly simplified going forward as it removes the 
"them and us" mentality.

The RosettaNet as WS* shows this bridge is already
being crossed - so building the common stack that 
includes eb/WS* as one coherent whole - where you
can transition from http to SOAP to ebMS and WS*
combined gives people a clear and consistent
roadmap with confidence that all their needs have
been thought thru and anticipated.


Both ebXML and the WSA requirements address interoperability, ubiquity,
extensibility, security, transactions, and so on. However, ebXML and Web
services differ in how they approach and solve these problems. The ebXML
suite is a complete architecture with a predefined problem set and a
synthesized solution, while Web services is an extensible, bottom-up
framework founded on simple technologies with unlimited applicability. 

Here, we offer an overview of the WSA and ebXML, followed by a detailed
comparison of each technology's messaging layer functions using the WSA's
CA as a criteria for comparison. Although messaging is only one of the CA's
three major blocks (along with description and discovery), we focus on it
here because current Web services technologies are the most mature in this

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