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Subject: RE: www.MessageStandards.com


Thanks for the note.

The changes look good - ebXML is now list OK - IMHO - in my humble opinion!

Much better than before.

You should also add Google site search and xlate - see http://drrw.net for
to do this.

Then a resources section would be nice - and reports like our one on
e-Business Messaging Interchange Assessment:


Thanks, DW
Message text written by INTERNET:MarkALieberman@aol.com

I came across your e-mail to ebXML MktSteering written on June 16 and 
wondered what improvements you would suggest to make the site more
attractive to you 
and your colleagues.

The site has been growing in terms of standards and vendors listed and a
number of people have subscribed to the newsletter.  In fact, quite a few 
have agreed to author an article.

Any suggestions you have are most welcome and please consider subscribing
the newsletter and writing an article.

Many thanks.
Mark Lieberman
<A HREF="www.MessageStandards.com">www.MessageStandards.com</A>

P.S.  What does IMHO mean?

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