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Subject: re: ebXML and UML


We should start a FAQ from ebXML.org

Message text written by "XMLEDI Group"

Is anybody aware of a tool to generate ebXML schemas or dtd from an UML
Diagram ?
On which platform would this be available (ROSE, PowerDesigner,...)

Many thanks,

Fernand SIMON<
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From:	"XMLEDI Group", INTERNET:xmledi-group@listman.disa.org
Date:	8/8/2003  3:20 PM

RE:	re: ebXML and UML


Strictly speaking there is not "ebXML schemas or dtds" that
you can generate.

However CEFACT has noted that preferred payloads include
EDIFACT EDI, OAG BODs and UBL messages.

Be that as it may - several pieces of work are in place to allow 
you to make your payloads compatible with the ebXML

As you mentioned - using UMM / UML as the design approach
is part of that - and SWIFT in Europe have been a champion
of that approach - creating SWIFT XML structures from the UML
modelling tools.

In that same ball-park is creating CCTS based vocabularies for
your industry domain - and then basing your business transactions
on those definitions.   UBL has followed this path.

And OAGI is creating a CCTS dictionary of their 1,000 nouns from
their BODs.  The latest OAG work will be on show in two weeks
at the AutoTech Show in Detroit - where ebXML for Automotive is
being presented.

Next up is the OASIS CAM approach (which I chair).  This provides
the ability to take legacy payloads as well as new designs and
add semantics about the interchange in ebXML friendly ways,
and particularly so you can support CONTEXT driven exchanges
from the CPA / BPSS definition side down into the payloads - 
(think of this simply like being able to do EDI MIGs in XML).

This is the main "gotcha" with using UMM/UML tools to build
the schemas - in that schema does not support context rules
and business rules (like lookup(Part Number)) - so you'd
have to generate each partner scenario - rather than
being able to publish one context driven template.

So in an ideal world - you will have UMM/UML models that
generate CAM templates - that then operate on transaction
structures.  The cool thing about this is that CAM is designed
to specifically enable BIEs (from your CCTS models) and 
easy use of sub-assemblies include context rules - directly 
with the ebXML registry.

Now - the latest work on CONTEXT and choice points is
occurring in the OASIS BCM TC.  I highly recommend 
reviewing the BCM PPTs available from :


which is the working site for the BCM team.

Hopefully this brief tutorial helps explain your choices today.

You can find out more on the CAM work from :


and more about UMM from the CEFACT website and:


and of course from the OAGI and OASIS websites


Thanks, DW.


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