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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] FW: Some question on ebXML


Here's my swing at some answers.

1.       What is the value and volume of business transactions that your
standards initiative is seeking to address?

>>> The original scope of ebXML remains to provide the means to
        facilitate global electronic business and trade.  This horizontal
        focus covers larger enterprises down to individual entrepreneurs.

2.       Of that volume, what is the breakdown by business (or message
group) type?

>>> There is a broad crosssection adopting ebXML, from governments
         through industry sectors to small pilot projects.  More
        on adoptions can be found from 


        and the report there.

3.       What is the breakdown of your target audience by geographical
region?  What is your breakdown of current membership by geographical

>>>> Again the adoption report shows this as a graphic



4.       What is the current cost to businesses addressing the issues
without a market standard?

>>> This is always hard to assess.  Gartner have given some figures
        for this.  You can see those slides in this presentation:

5.       What are the main benefits to businesses from this standards
initiative?  E.g. Cost savings, improvements in efficiency, increased
business flexibility.

>>> Clearly when companies invest in new eBusiness systems they
want assured results.  The following website provides excellent
metrics, as does the report on messaging standards.


Messaging metrics:


6.       What significant initiatives are currently being undertaken by
organisation?  What are the timescales for the implementation of these

>>> Various projects are deploying or deployed.  Some of note:

a) Utility industry in Texas.
b) Utilty industry in Sydney, Australia.
c) CDC - USGovernment deployment
d) Automotive industry, OAG initatives.
e) Metro in Hong Kong - parts supply
f) Korea and Taiwan - various government initiatives
g) EU - IDA program for eBusiness is adopting ebXML

More details on these can be found from 



7.       How many businesses are currently using your standards?  What is
the typical profile of a business using your standards?

>>> Complete cross-section from large to medium enterprises.  Small
        business still is enigmatic - but some tools are arriving - BCE
        has a solution that starts at $1,000 pricing.

8.       What links and initiatives do you have with other standards
organisations?  How do you ensure a cooperative approach and avoid
duplication of effort?

>>> OASIS has an extensive set of liaisons - and also its own TAG review
         board.  The OASIS standards process is arguably the best currently
         available for the development of XML technical specifications - as
         be seen from the diverse range of work going on in over 70 TC's
         right now.



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