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Subject: [Fwd: FW: [OpenX] final report on matching of ebXML business processesavailable]

Very progressive report on matching of Business Processes from the 
OpenXchange project for reference and posting.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: 	FW: [OpenX] final report on matching of ebXML business 
processes available
Date: 	Wed, 19 Nov 2003 14:02:22 +0100
From: 	Fred Blommestein, van <f.van.blommestein@berenschot.com>
To: 	Monica.Martin@Sun.COM

Hi Monica,
Find below the link to the final report on matching of BPSS defined processes.
Distribution is unlimited now. Can you forward it to people in the Oasis/BP area who may be interested?

	-----Oorspronkelijk bericht----- 
	Van: EJA Folmer [mailto:folmer@fel.tno.nl] 
	Verzonden: di 18-11-2003 18:31 
	Aan: openXchange 
	CC: d.krukkert@home.nl 
	Onderwerp: [OpenX] final report on matching of ebXML business processes available

	Hello all,
	As some of you know, Dennis Krukkert has done some research on matching
	of ebXML business processes (For a thesis assignment at the University
	of Twente; supervisors: Prof. Roel Wieringa, Pascal van Eck, Fred and
	His research has become part of D2.3, which will be available on the FTP
	server. However we also made a PDF from this research only, which is
	available at our website:
	So if interested you can download it!
	Best regards,
	ir. Erwin Folmer <folmer@fel.tno.nl>
	Researcher & Consultant E-Business
	TNO Telecom
	Colosseum 27, 7521 PV Enschede
	Tel: 053-4802113 / Fax: 053-4310021
	OpenX mailing list

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