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Subject: RE: AGAIN: [ebxml-mktg] FW: [ebxml-dev] Gartner and ebXML

Message text written by "Yader, Mark (GXS)"
>Personally, I don't think the concept of "real-time EDI" is as important
commercially as processes such as "Collaborative SCM". Does anyone really
care what "real time" is (other than the folks looking for Earthquakes and
weather-related disasters) ? 



I realized I answered one question but not the other!

The importance of the realtime model is in the responsiveness.
It is a mistake to think of realtime as just batch but it happens
very fast - ( guaranteed to be less than X seconds responses, etc).

Two things are different - one is the messaging model of course,
where you maintain a "session", and the other is the query/response
model and the profiling of who gets access to what and how and when.

What is really happening to achieve that is that you reduce the
level of control to an acceptable risk / access level and the
exact information flows are less defined.  So the customer who
may not care what is happening "under the hood" certainly will
care if their systems are compromised becuase of it!

The ebMS V2.0 spec's definately give you the right level of control
over that interfacing, whereas WSDL on its own clearly does not,
but as I mentioned before combining WSDL with ebMS is 
both feasible and makes business sense.

However I agree strongly that Collaborative SCM is a great 
application area where we can showcase the strengths of
ebXML and Web services being used together.  And indeed
maybe a Case Study White Paper in such application areas
are exactly what customers can benefit from seeing.

I think that is what Steve Capell was saying too, eh?

Thanks, DW.

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