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Subject: re: [ebxml-mktg] RE: [ebxml-dev] UBL Schemas Released for Public Review


This is all good OASIS work of course.  I would further note that
the OASIS CAM activity is bridging another gap - between 
insitu transactions, vocabularies, ebXML and W3C XML

I think this shows an important aspect that cannot be ignored.

While UBL is providing 6 transactions for supplychain 
implementations currently, and can be used as a model
for building more, long term its clear that all the other
industry domains are going to have to develop their
own "UBLs" - and that is why providing the framework and
mechanisms is longterm the goal here - rather than 
trying to provide people with an "Esperanto" itself.

Simpler interoperability is the promise that is
fundamentally needed - good primative transaction 
blueprints and a core vocabulary are a useful step 
but only part of the solution.

Cheers, DW.
Message text written by "CRAWFORD, Mark"
Since I actively participate in both UBL and CC, let me assure you that
they are in perfect harmony.  CCTS describes a syntax neutral approach to
developing semantically clear building blocks for syntax specific
expressions.  CCTS does not define how syntax specific expressions should
occur.  That is left up to the implementer - in this case UBL.
Let me assure everyone on this list that UBL is in full conformance with
the CCTS -  to include creating BIE's and identifying their underlying CC's
in strict compliance with the normative rules in the CCTS, and supplying
additional metadata to meet the CCTS storage requirements identified in
Section 7 of the CCTS.  The UBL naming and design rules have a core guiding
principle to create optimized XML from BIE's and the other aspects of the
CCTS, and I firmly believe that is what we are beginning to see in the
latest release version.  We will take feedback from external activities,
intertwine that feedback with the results of our final discussions in UBL
NDR, and publish the naming and design rules as a UBL TC specification.  We
hope that will happen during our May plenary in London.

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