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Subject: re: [ebxml-mktg] Is ebXML got a real future?


I suggest you look very closely at the META analysis.

Have they done their homework?  What in-depth 
studies are they quoting? What analysis of the
technologies have they performed?  How much
of the report is just speculation and handwaving?

Another question to ask - is "Who sponsored the META report?".

As with anything in life - there are many different analysis groups
offering a variety of services to their clients.

We are planning to publish an in-depth paper ourselves
from the JMT on current positioning of ebXML and more
importantly - how to leverage ebXML and web services
correctly together.

Certainly the more one analysizes this - the more one
realizes that the two are deeply intertwined - and therefore
one has to question any analysis that assumes one 
will be more separate and distinct from the other.

Thanks for drawing attention to the Meta report - we
strive to educate analysts whenever we find that
there are significant descrepancies in their 
technical assessments.


Message text written by "Silcock, David"
Saw in a recent Meta Group that they saw ebXML in the future servicing a
niche market within 5% of the complete B2B marketplace, focus will be on
Web Services. 

Was just about to try and convince my organisation to look into ebXML not
sure if I want to take on that challenge after reading that.

Anybody provide, as sound, evidence that ebXML will have a larger role to

David Silcock <

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