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ebxml-mktg message

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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg] Is ebXML got a real future?


Your excellent technical assessment is exactly the detail
that I was mentioning needs to be considered and

However - I would contend that ebXML has always had
a much broader scope than just B2B from its inception.
Particularly I would note the work on peer-to-peer 
nets and the applicability of ebXML metadata work to
EAI and much more in the information exchange stack.

Webservices for me is totally focused on real-time
interchanges.  Notice that when ebXML was born - a
deliberate decision was taken to defer form rendering
and realtime services to a later phase - to ensure that
enough could be concretely achieved in the initial
18 months.  Now three years on - we are seeing that
the work does indeed embrace these other areas - and
that standards efforts are now underway to bring harmony
to this whole.

Another huge lesson learned is that successful standards 
evolve and embrace.  Look at Java today compared to 
three years ago.

The continuing ebXML is IMHO in better shape now than
ever - look at the seminal work on registry - with the new
collaborative / federated model, the REST style
interfacing - and then the recent UCC conformance
certification of a dozen vendors with ebMS V2.0 products.

As you also note - web service standards work within the 
W3C will take up to two years to complete - while ebXML
standards and products are here today.

Todays economic climate has naturally slowed the
adoption of all new projects - but those products that
are offering proven and compelling ways for companies
to enhance their bottom line will be those that 
ultimately prevail.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by Steve Capell
>Contract / negotiation.  There is no standard on the WebServices roadmap
to address this part of a scalable B2B interoperability strategy.  The
ebXML CPP/CPA is currently the only contender.

I would accept that ebXML has a narrow scope compared to WebServices (ie
ebXML is really just for B2B whilst WebServices is much wider).
However, by the W3C definition I'd also say that ebXML IS A WEBSERVICE -
its just B2B focussed.  I don't accept a general comment that ebXML will
penetrate 5% of B2B because such a comment is meaningless in the context
of the entire framework.  An analyst needs to be more specific (eg a
statement like "in 5 years time, the ebXML Messaging protocol is likely
to be largely replaced by W3C messaging standards based on SOAP that
provide the reliability and security features that ebXML MSv2.0 provides
today").  That is a precise statement that can be subject to reasonable
discussion.  General comments are useless and misleading.

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