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Subject: White Paper: Agile Solutions Requires Developing for 'Choice'

Grappling with todays implementation technology choices
for business solutions is one of the toughest out there
and especially avoiding "lock in".

So is there a better way?  This new white paper looks
at developing work within OASIS that uses established
and proven foundation technologies today - to enable
the systems of tomorrow - by focusing on a 
'Business First' approach and externalizing the 
business logic through use of choice point services.

How far out is this?  Surprisely its dramatically near;
by adding XML APIs to existing vendor products initial 
proof-of-concepts are feasible today.

To learn more access the whitepaper here:

Enterprise Transformation: Agile Solutions Requires Developing for 'Choice'


And the OASIS BCM TC resource site also has copies of the draft 
specification and more details.

Thanks, DW.

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