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ebxml-mktg message

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Subject: re: [ebxml-mktg] Automotive supply chain automation using ... Web Services

Message text written by "Pim van der Eijk"
And I though the automotive industry was one of the better 
showcases for ebXML ...  Does anyone know more about this, is 
it a fake demo or is this a real company?  



It's just a demo'.  IBM and Microsoft are hoping to sell the idea
to Ford.

The AutoTech 2003 Project by OAG at this years Detroit show,
with a dozen vendors showing interoperability in two Auto industry
scenarios is why the 'Big 2' here felt they needed to wheel out
their top guns to show something.

I put this all in the same category as their announcement that
web services are doing 2 billion transactions a month with
RosettaNet - just because they managed to show they could
do RNIF as a webservice!  Taking grains of sand and trying to
build a beach from it.

Thanks, DW.

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