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ebxml-poc message

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Subject: message header v0.6


Sorry for the delay. I was struggling with trying to edit
with the tools I have available;-) I thought of buying MS Word 
but balked at the price, so settled for using StarOffice. I hope
that this works, or I'll have to bite the bullet I guess!

Please let me know if you have any problems with viewing
the document.

I have made some fairly major changes to the structure of
the document. Basically, I tried to have the document be
consistent with Dick's and others which are similar in
nature (describing an XML document vocabulary). 

I think that it needs some additional work to firm up
things such as the requirement that the document conform
to XML1.0, XML Namespaces 1.0, etc.

I removed the section on choreography because it doesn't
fit with the current proposal as we have discussed. This
is more suited to Fujitsu's reliable messaging spec anyway.

I also removed the definitions, as these should be covered
in the ebXML Glossary of Terms (I need to cross-reference
to be sure that they got them all).

Something which needs to be added is a brief discussion of
TPA and the relationship between the TPA and the Header.
I'll start working on that tonight.

So, please feel free to comment on any of the changes
I've made. I think that you should be able to view with
the changes on or off (if everything translated from Star
to Word). If not, let me know and I'll post a version with
the changes recorded.



    _/_/_/_/ _/    _/ _/    _/ Christopher Ferris - Enterprise Architect
   _/       _/    _/ _/_/  _/  Phone: 781-442-3063 or x23063
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ebXML Message Header Specification v0-6.doc

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