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Subject: Re: ebXML Header

Actually, the GlobalDocumentFunctionCode is of no value. In fact this has been
eliminated from RNIF2.0 service-header. I am not sure what you mean by it does
not cover "response" action . If understand it right, the purpose of
DocumentLabel is to give "a textual description" and the TPAInfo.Action
identifies the actual business action by its formal name. The formal business
document names in RosettaNet are very descriptive as given by
ActionControl.GlobalBusinessActionCode hence I mapped it to both. Not sure if
we want to use (invent) a new textual descriptions for all actions and signals
in the PIP but, ActionControl.GlobalBusinessActionCode will serve the purpose.

Whether it is a request or response is defined by the PIP and if that knowledge
is needed at ebXMLHeader, an element meant for that needs to be added.


Bala Yanamandra wrote:

> Prasad,
> You have mapped DocumentLabel and TPA.<Action> to
> ActionControl.GlobalBusinessActionCode. The GlobalBusinessActionCode is
> verbose and does not cover the response action. On the other hand,
> ActionControl.GlobalDocumentFunctionCode is concise and has only two values
> "Request" and "Response". By combining DocumentLabel with the
> GlobalDocumentFunctionCode we can tell exactly what the action is.
> Here is my proposal:
> DocumentLabel to ActionControl.GlobalBusinessActionCode
> TPA.Action to ActionControl.GlobalDocumentFunctionCode.
> -Bala

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