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Subject: RE: ebXML Proof of Concept Proposal v0.5

Section "ebXML Technical Details", subsection "Packaging" of the  POC
proposal states:

"It should be noted that there is a significant problem with the current
draft of the packaging standard that effectively prevents the receiving
application from recognizing the header part.  The RFC for generating MIME
Content-ID mandates only that they be unique strings.  Therefore, the
receiving application cannot depend on the presence of the “ebxmlheader” and
“ebxmlpayload” tokens preceding the unique id to identify the header vs.
payload parts.  In order to resolve this issue in the demonstration
environment, participants must include the “Start:” directive shown in the
example above."

I believe this section of the POC is incorrect.

During the July 21-22 face-to-face meeting the ebXML TR&P team decided to
eliminate the dependency on Content-ID to identify a ebXML header body part
within a ebXML message and created a MIME media type,
"application/vnd.eb+xml", to identify ebXML header documents. This MIME
media type unambiguously identifies THE body part containing the ebXML
header document.  One simply needs to locate the body part identified with
the MIME header "Content-type: application/vnd.eb+xml" to locate the ebXML
header document.

I recommend that POC participants consider using the application/vnd.eb+xml
content type to identify the ebXML header document instead of the proposed
"Start:" extension header, which is non-standard.


Dick Brooks

-----Original Message-----
From: Marc Breissinger [mailto:marcb@webmethods.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 5:25 PM
To: ebXML POC Mailing List
Subject: ebXML Proof of Concept Proposal v0.5


Attached is latest rev of the POC proposal.  Please read through and respond
with comments.  I will complete the TPA section tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay,

Marc Breissinger                                   voice (W): 703-460-2504
Director, Product Strategy - webMethods, Inc.      voice (C): 703-989-7689
Email:  marcb@webmethods.com                               We're hiring!!!
Email2: breissim@earthlink.net              URL: http://www.webmethods.com

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