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Subject: RE: ebXML Proof of Concept Proposal v0.5

Thanks for the clarification Dick. I wish I had been at the f2f - but 
that's another story. I think it's very important to align with the specs 
unless of course we think they are broken (I don't believe that to be the 
case here).


At 09:40 PM 7/27/2000 -0500, Dick Brooks wrote:

>Section "ebXML Technical Details", subsection "Packaging" of the  POC
>proposal states:
>"It should be noted that there is a significant problem with the current
>draft of the packaging standard that effectively prevents the receiving
>application from recognizing the header part.  The RFC for generating MIME
>Content-ID mandates only that they be unique strings.  Therefore, the
>receiving application cannot depend on the presence of the "ebxmlheader" and
>"ebxmlpayload" tokens preceding the unique id to identify the header vs.
>payload parts.  In order to resolve this issue in the demonstration
>environment, participants must include the "Start:" directive shown in the
>example above."
>I believe this section of the POC is incorrect.
>During the July 21-22 face-to-face meeting the ebXML TR&P team decided to
>eliminate the dependency on Content-ID to identify a ebXML header body part
>within a ebXML message and created a MIME media type,
>"application/vnd.eb+xml", to identify ebXML header documents. This MIME
>media type unambiguously identifies THE body part containing the ebXML
>header document.  One simply needs to locate the body part identified with
>the MIME header "Content-type: application/vnd.eb+xml" to locate the ebXML
>header document.
>I recommend that POC participants consider using the application/vnd.eb+xml
>content type to identify the ebXML header document instead of the proposed
>"Start:" extension header, which is non-standard.
>Dick Brooks
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Marc Breissinger [mailto:marcb@webmethods.com]
>Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 5:25 PM
>To: ebXML POC Mailing List
>Subject: ebXML Proof of Concept Proposal v0.5
>Attached is latest rev of the POC proposal.  Please read through and respond
>with comments.  I will complete the TPA section tomorrow.
>Sorry for the delay,
>Marc Breissinger                                   voice (W): 703-460-2504
>Director, Product Strategy - webMethods, Inc.      voice (C): 703-989-7689
>Email:  marcb@webmethods.com                               We're hiring!!!
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