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Subject: Receipt Messages for the demo!!

This is about "Receipt Acknowledgement" messages for the demo.
Are we planning to use any payload for these messages? Since these
messages are consumed by the service and not passed to the backend,
we need to have ebXML specific payload, if any.

I am not sure if TR&P has identified different signal message types
as acknowledgement, exception and defined types for them.

Of course, we can use RN payload for the demo, but that demonstrates
no ebXML feature, as the ebXML service is not going to process the receipt 
payload in the receipt messages.
Instead, maybe we can just use the ebXML header's DocumentLabel field
to identify the "Receipt Acknowledgement" and not have any payload.

Please ignore this message if this topic has already been discussed and
decision has been made (I would still need to know the decision though).

Sanjay Patil
Work Phone: 408 350 9619

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