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Subject: Re: Tokyo POC choreography - my 2c ;-)


I share your concern regarding showing vendor products in POC. In fact within
POC it is a hard and fast rule, one that the entire team feels very strongly about,
that the #1 job of POC is to demonstrate the viability of *ebXML specs* while
keeping products out of POC demos.

The issue for POC is not to show *some* foobar functionality but to show the 
*ebXML fooBar* spec defined functionality. We in regrep need to work on
defining the ebXML Registry Services spec to include classification schemes 
(planned for next week).

If we do our job right and deliver the regrep spec to POC by September 22
per our plans, then what participants will implement is *that* spec. What POC
will show is the implementation of *that spec* and *not products*.



>Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
>While I have the above stated opinion, I want to hear what Krishna, POC
>team and other teams driving
>the POC feel regarding this issue.
>If the decision is to show discovery then together we will make it happen
>come hell or high water.
>the GUIDE classification layer coupled to the BP definition and a simple
>set of XML
>profiles for each company would make a very easy demonstration in Tokyo
>search engines like GoXML can eat this for breakfast - we already have this
>kind of
>scenario live over the internet today.   You would see the XML, the
>criteria, the Query 
>interface, and then a resulting HTML menu where you could pick a partner to
>interact to.
>If instead you wanted to do this in batch mode from say a TRP module to
>a interface parameter, this would also be possible.
>I've been holding back from going there however - because I wanted to make
>Tokyo POC RegRep side of things as vendor neutral as possible, and based on
>spec's to date.
>This maybe the right moment however to re-visit this if you truely wanted
>to respond
>directly to UDDI.
>Thanks, DW.

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