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Subject: Re: Proposal: A Registry Browser GUI tool

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
My thought was that the tool would use ebXML TRP Messaging for exactly that

Nicholas Kassem wrote:

> Getting back to the original question. I think having a regrep client
> tool) would be very nice particularly if it used ebXML TRP. I think this
> could solve another problem we have, namely that there is talk in some
> quarters that ebXML TRP is not suitable for B2C. I don't subscribe to
> notion and it would be very good if we could dispel this myth. Thoughts ?
> Nick

OK - I view this somewhat differently.  TRP are using http / MIME based
interchanges.  I see that RegRep can follow that same approach - but 
quiessentially the interaction model is different here, and therefore
the envelope structures and dialogues are too.

Rik's model of TRP is a FedEx package and a Mailroom delivery.

RegRep is much more like the MickeyD's driven in.  When you hit
that window you expect your query to be serviced.  Not that some
driver will show up the next day with your burger!

Thanks, DW.

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