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Subject: Re: Proposal: A Registry Browser GUI tool

Synchrony or Asynchrony is a request attribute. TRP supports both asynch or synch
requests. It is not a matter of drivers and burgers. It is a matter of
interoperability. Thats what TRP's purpose in life is.

>Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
>My thought was that the tool would use ebXML TRP Messaging for exactly that
>Nicholas Kassem wrote:
>> Getting back to the original question. I think having a regrep client
>> tool) would be very nice particularly if it used ebXML TRP. I think this
>> could solve another problem we have, namely that there is talk in some
>> quarters that ebXML TRP is not suitable for B2C. I don't subscribe to
>> notion and it would be very good if we could dispel this myth. Thoughts ?
>> Nick
>OK - I view this somewhat differently.  TRP are using http / MIME based
>interchanges.  I see that RegRep can follow that same approach - but 
>quiessentially the interaction model is different here, and therefore
>the envelope structures and dialogues are too.
>Rik's model of TRP is a FedEx package and a Mailroom delivery.
>RegRep is much more like the MickeyD's driven in.  When you hit
>that window you expect your query to be serviced.  Not that some
>driver will show up the next day with your burger!
>Thanks, DW.

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