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Subject: Re: Proposal: A Registry Browser GUI tool

Message text written by Nicholas Kassem
> BTW, I'm told frozen burgers do indeed have tracking 
numbers - I have never seen one and hopefully never will.

Of course - its stamped on there with heat sensitive ink
that has a smokey barbecue flavour.

Farrukh was on this theme too.  But I'm still concerned
about overhead and level of code complexity to 
implement.  Of course the SME is going to buy something
to do this for them - but how complex is that in the first place,
will critically effect - a) how much they have to pay, and b)
how interoperable this is.

Right now there are 18,000,000 web servers on the planet.
How easy is it for each of them to have an ebXML TPA 
profile forinstance that they can expose consistently 
to a RegRep repository?

If they have to have a TRP compliant frontend to do
that - its an issue - if they can simply save a XML flatfile
to a subdirectory, thats alot more likely.


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