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Subject: Re: Fwd: draft of our proposal


The DTD's (and/or Schema)  and XML, are based upon the work of our
Materials Management CC work, known as the "Automotive Team".  The sample
DTD/Schema/XML will be attached to the POC shortly. There is also a
document that CC has started to describe the Materials Mgmt effort and I
can send that to you.

BP has worked with us and we created the second section with the "meat" of
the proposal with the help of Bob Haugen, representing the latest BP specs.
And finally we will work with the RegRep people so that all is consistent
at that level.

An expanded  version will be on your desk tomorrow.

Regards, Sig

Nicholas Kassem <nick.kassem@eng.sun.com> on 09/25/2000 03:32:07 PM

To:   Sigmund Handelman/Watson/IBM@IBMUS, ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org
cc:   lms@wwnet.com, mblantz@ltvsteel.com, Lisa Seaburg
      <lisa.seaburg@commerceone.com>, linkage@interaccess.com
Subject:  Fwd: draft of our proposal

Thanks for forwarding this Sig. Clearly, there is still a lot of detail
missing but I think it's important that your proposal gets visibility to
the entire WG so there can be a better and common understanding of what's
going on.

As for me - I would like to get some understanding of what the proposed
payload looks like (DTD's, XML etc.) - is this public ? How is this
proposal related to the CC/BP specs (spec. version #'s etc.) ? Just as a
background, my goal is and has been to do Proof Of Specification events
within the context of ebXML- hence the need for supporting POC with ebXML
specifications. I have to assume that the Repository you are proposing is
consistent with the RegRep work going on in the ebXML RegRep WG ? Is this
correct ?


>Importance: Normal
>Subject: draft of our proposal
>To: Nicholas Kassem <Nick.Kassem@eng.sun.com>
>Cc: lms@wwnet.com, mblantz@ltvsteel.com,
>         Lisa Seaburg <lisa.seaburg@commerceone.com>,
>         Melanie.McCarthy@gm.com, sfuger@aiag.org
>From: "Sigmund Handelman/Watson/IBM" <swhandel@us.ibm.com>
>Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 13:58:36 -0400
>X-MIMETrack: Serialize by Router on D01ML243/01/M/IBM(Release 5.0.4a |July
>24, 2000) at
>  09/25/2000 02:02:13 PM
>Here is the draft of what we are putting proposing. Addtional material
>be going into the document tomorrow.
>This proposal is based on Karsten Riemer's document, and much of the front
>text is the same. The second part describes our scenarios.
>Any questions, please contact me at 1-914-784-7626.
>Regards, Sig
>(See attached file: ebXMLBPCCpocProposal Materials Mgmt.doc)

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