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Subject: RE: ebXML PoC: updated consolidated capabilities matrix


	As per the updated matrix I had sent in, we were *not* planning on Registry
at all ! At this point our role will be seller/buyer plus the automotive MM
use case if it materializes.

	I can try a security and / or reliable implementation (which is good as we
can show some secure messaging initiatives at Tokyo) if anybody else can
partner with me as a buyer/seller/hub role.

	IMHO, the Tokyo POC should have the breadth as well - which means if we
have many buyers/sellers we have a chance to show and exercise a variety of
ebXML capabilities.

	Would appreciate if you could make the required adjustments.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Philippe DeSmedt [mailto:PDeSmedt@viquity.com]
> Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000 3:04 PM
> To: ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org
> Subject: ebXML PoC: updated consolidated capabilities matrix
> All,
> Please find attached an updated copy of the consolidated
> capabilities matrix
> for ebXML PoC. The updates are as follows:
> *	Sun will focus on registry, and will not play the role of requestor
> or responder ("buyer" or "seller" in the previous version of the matrix);
> *	Cisco will similarly focus on registry capabilities (i.e., no buyer
> or seller role);
> *	MEGA International / eXcelon has been added as a planned
> participant; welcome aboard;
> *	Fujitsu/Savvion will at times play separate roles; this has been
> reflected in the matrix;
> *	TIE will be providing back-end integration capabilities (including
> integration of the transported business message with the application); the
> matrix has been updated to reflect that wording;
> IBM is working on the matrix, and expects to finish it by noon
> tomorrow. My
> understanding is that Netfish is compiling a matrix as well.
> If there are any changes or additions, please send them to the entire
> ebXML-poc mailing list, so that we are all on the same page during
> Thursday's conference call.
> I will be on travel through Thursday, but will definitely participate in
> that call.
> Thank you for your assistance in building this matrix.
> -Philippe
>  <<ebXML PoC capabilities consolidated updated 0925.xls>>
> _______________________________
> Philippe De Smedt
> Architect
> Viquity Corporation (www.viquity.com)
> 1161 N. Fair Oaks Avenue
> Sunnyvale, CA 94089-2102
> (408) 548-9722
> (408) 747-5586 (fax)
> pdesmedt@viquity.com

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