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Subject: BP/CC Sub-Proposal

Attached is another draft of the BP/CC Sub-proposal for your review.  The
goals I was trying to achieve are:

- Integrate the AIAG information as an example aligned end-end with the BP
meta-model.  Schemas and BP model exist.  Sig - I took the liberty of
re-working the BP/CC Materials Management Proposal to try to get all of the
elements in.  Please let me know if I accidentally omitted any concepts you
were trying to include.

- Integrate GCI with an emphasis on conversations.  BP components exist.
Schemas exist but are not in the report.  They will follow shortly.

- Work with Karsten's demonstration flow to tie it with the scenarios
proposed earlier. The way in which this turned out is not as good as I
expected and I am open to suggestions for improvement (remove scenarios,
re-order the flow, etc.)  I think this can be worked on while we integrate
the sub-proposals.

Things to look for:

- Based on conversations with Jacques, a GCI TPA conversation was added.
See Appendix C.

- A GCI Carrier role was integrated to obtain a more complex conversation
that pushes the TR&P capability envelope.  See Appendix C.

- I added the Implementation Framework View (IFV) to the BP meta-model
discussion for completeness on Page 5.  My understanding is that BP
meta-model is not there but the issue came up in the telecon earlier this
week.  I wanted to leave IFV in as a placeholder so it is discussed.

- Vendor details are removed in lieu of a reference to Philippe's
capabilities matrix.

- The proposal only presents a snapshot of BP models provided by AIAG and
GCI (BOM & BRV level).  This was done for brevity in the proposal.  More
details can be obtained from the respective focus groups.

Like I said, the proposal still needs work but I wanted to get us something
to talk about.  Thank you everyone for getting me the data I needed to
compile this.

	Thanks and talk to you in the morning,


Mark A. Hale                                            650-210-0100 tel
Standards Architect                                     650-230-4065 fax
Ajuba Solutions                             mark.hale@ajubasolutions.com
2593 Coast Avenue                          http://www.ajubasolutions.com
Mountain View, CA  94043

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