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Subject: FW: [DISAGRAM Newsletter] DISAGRAM, September 2000


Per our conversation this afternoon:  below is the Disagram that refers to
the ebXML overview in March 2000 at the DISA meeting.



Mark A. Hale                                            650-940-4155 tel
Standards Architect                                     650-230-4065 fax
Ajuba Solutions                             mark.hale@ajubasolutions.com
2593 Coast Avenue                          http://www.ajubasolutions.com
Mountain View, CA  94043

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From: disagram@disa.org [mailto:disagram@disa.org]
Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2000 5:38 PM
To: disagram@disa.org
Subject: [DISAGRAM Newsletter] DISAGRAM, September 2000

DISAGRAM, September 2000

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ebXML to Showcase Finished Product at DISA Conference
        DISA's E-Business and Internet Conference will provide the public
with its first look at ebXML with most of its specifications defined.

DISA and WEDI Come Together to Explore Final HIPPA Rules
        EC Forum in Healthcare meets Oct. 30-Nov. 2 in Chicago to discuss
the implication of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

DISA Releases a New Line of Educational Seminars
        Featuring new topics and content, these 7 seminars take e-business
professionals to the bleeding edge of technology.

************XML News*************

IFX Creates a Loan Applications Working Group
        This new IFX working group will address the key issues and
opportunities that lenders and businesses face in supporting credit
evaluation and funding in an e-commerce environment.

XML/edi Group
        Three years old and nearly 1,800 members worldwide.

************ASC X12**************

ASC X12 to meet in Cincinnati, OH next week

Upcoming X12 Work Request Submission Deadline
        The upcoming October 27th deadline is just a part of the data
maintenance (DM) work request system, which allows the X12 standard to be
maintained and developed.

*******Publication Information*******

DISA, the association driving global e-business, is a Virginia-based
not-for-profit organization that offers a variety of outreach initiatives
and extensive educational programs for every e-commerce endeavor.

Please direct e-newsletter submission, questions or comments to Andrew
Cheatham at acheatham@disa.org or call (703) 518-4165.


To UNSUBSCRIBE to this newsletter, visit http://www.disa.org/apps/disagram

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