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Subject: Update on Proposal

I met with Sig today.

- Sig has been working with Jim Clark on model refinements.  Jim will be
joining in the BP demonstration activities.
- Sig has been working on an orchestration of the POC that will be manifest
itself as a web front-end.
- Core components are still assumed static and will be ready Wednesday
morning.  I saw the draft doc that Sig will post tomorrow.
- This document will also show a BP business documents morph that will make
the transition from AIAG to GCI.
- We should add the BP meta-model overview back into the proposal as an
introduction into the BP flow.
- I am continuing work on the demonstration flow.
- We need to make sure to add the history of ebXML poc to the POC business
message.  The flow of demonstrations from OTA to TRP to AIAG/GCI is very
strong and says a lot about the hard work going on.  If you have not done
so, please check out the Disagram talking about next year's activities.

I will try my best to get the demonstration flow by the Thursday telecon.



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