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ebxml-poc message

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Subject: re: Important for POC Registry Implementors: Bug Fixes in RegistryServices v0.8

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
> The use of lower case 'e' at the
beginning is inconsistent with CamelCase naming convention being
followed by RR specs and also causes problems with some automated tools.
This name was used because it was how the ebXML Error handling spec was
written by David Burdett. I would like to propose that we change all
occurrences of ebXMLError to EbXMLError globally in the RS specs as a
bug fix for Tokyo POC.<


Machines getting precedence over humans?

ebXMLError is logically correct - we should retain this.

The rule should be that ebXML is spelled ebXML in all
cases.  That's an obvious and intuitive need.

I'm intriged to know " also causes problems with some automated tools" -
like what?

Can we please fix the automated tools!

The tail should not wag the dog.


p.s.  What is a bug?  This seems to be more of a consistency issue
         and deciding what is consistent and adjusting the consistency
         rules accordingly.

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