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Subject: Re: Important for POC Registry Implementors: Bug Fixes inRegistryServices v0.8

[Farrukh Najmi writes]
> The use of lower case 'e' at the
> beginning is inconsistent with CamelCase naming convention being  followed
by RR specs and also causes problems
> with some automated tools.

[David Webber responds]
> Yuk!  Machines getting precedence over humans?
> ebXMLError is logically correct - we should retain this.
> The rule should be that ebXML is spelled ebXML in all
> cases.  That's an obvious and intuitive need.
> I'm intriged to know " also causes problems with some automated tools" -
> like what?
> Can we please fix the automated tools! The tail should not wag the dog.

I agree with DaviD that human-readability is paramount. David Burdett's
original style should be maintained.

(1) Humans matter. See the (approved) Requirements:

<quote>The goal is to provide an XML-based open technical framework to
enable XML to be utilized in a consistent and uniform manner for the
exchange of\ Electronic Business (EB) data in application to application,
application to human, andhuman to application environments-thus creating a
single global market.</quote>.

(2) In particular, humans who can't necessarily purchase expensive
development tools (that impose camel case requirements) matter:

Support for a range of implementations from basic, low cost solutions
for Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) deployment, to comprehensive, complex
implementations using all optional features appropriate to large enterprises

Sam Hunting
XML Evangelist

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