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Subject: Tokyo POC document Version .003

Fellow POCers,

	Here is the "new improved kindlier gentler" POC document. As you go thru
the document please keep the following points in mind.

	1.	Thanks to Melanie, Mark and of course, Farrukh ;-), the Track 1
GCI/retail example should be complete. If there are any missing information,
pl let me know.

	2.	The Track 2, Automotive scenario is not that complete.

			We need DTDs for the notify shipment, ack and notify of receipt documents
			Also, we need to include examples of each, similar to the GCI example.
			Also, can we simplify the business documents ?

	3.	Track 3 still needs finishing touches.

	4.	Appendix A needs ebXML TRP examples for http,FTP,... Marc was going to
do it for the TRP specs and I could then copy it here. Marc, can you send me
a copy of the examples ?

	5.	I have deleted a few sections which are mostly extraneous.

	6.	I will see if I can add change marks to the document, going forward.

	7.	This document should be able to stand by itself (it is approx 60 pages!)
so that we can see all the details and vote accordingly. There are
supporting documents identified in the beginning, but all the main
information should in this document. If we are missing any sections, pl let
us know.

	8.	We are meeting tomorrow and Sunday to go thru this document and refine
it more. It would be really helpful if you all can read thru and send in
your comments to the POC list. We will monitor the list and incorporate the

	cheers and have a nice weekend (You know what I will be doing ;-))

ebXMLTokyo POC Proposal-003.doc

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