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Subject: RE: Tokyo POC document Version .003

Sig, Krishna,

Sig - thanks again for getting us the data so quickly.  I formatted what you
did to be consistent with the rest of the proposal.  This was for us to do
and not any shortcoming in what was given to us.  Everything looks good and
the changes were minor.  Here is where things are at this time - all items
are included in the attachment to this e-mail:

- A schematic of the conversation is included with the file names for
implementation.  This will appear in the proposal.
- The coreblock DTD was brought into the two business document DTDs
(ASNV0.1.dtd and ReceiptV0.1.dtd in the context of the proposal)
- A requirements block was added to the ASN example.  It was omitted in the
- A redudant ShipmentReconciliation block was repeated in the original ASN
example and deleted.
- A DiscrepencyDetail Element was added to the ReceiptV0.1.dtd.  It was
omitted.  I assumed that the DiscrepencyDetail is the same elements from
TransportDetail, each used at most once.  The Receipt example was updated
with an empty DiscrepencyDetail element.  Can you please confirm this as an
appropriate interpretation of the DTD.

The ack's will be included tomorrow after we are able to communicate on

Looks great!

	Thanks and talk to you tomorrow,


AIAG Conversations v1.0.zip

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