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ebxml-poc message

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Subject: GCI Conversations

Melanie & Pam,

Thanks for working with us to straighten out the payload issues for GCI in
the POC.  I organized what Melanie forwarded to the group into the attached
POC conversations.  The POC conversations were further refined based on the
f2f meeting today and an update is attached to this e-mail.

I did modify the conversations to be used to demonstrate the TR&P
specifications in accordance with ebXML.  In the aligment and order exchange
conversations, I added alignment and acceptance messages that are consistent
with the DTD that you gave us for aligment and order exchange.  It is
understood by the group that I am in communication with you to insure that
the end result still reflects an appropriate GCI payload.

I ask that you please work with me to clarify the Order Exchange DTD.  The
DTD references ItemId information such as GlobalTradeItemNumber and
alternateProductID.   However, the example instances do not contain this
information.  Is this because the items are aligned and are not required in
order exchange or is it because the instance is not complete (by which I
could get the information from an alignment instance to complete it)?  In
either case, this is not a showstopper to the POC demo.

As a final note, Melanie provided me with a list of implementation
considerations that is useful in measuring the capabilities/success of the
demonstration (why are headers needed, how payload is wrapped etc.).  This
feedback is very good and it came up in the proposal writing f2f today.  We
are going to address this in two ways.  First, implementation discussions
will be added to the proposal.  Secondly, we discussed releasing a POC
review document shortly after Tokyo to critique the demonstration and its

Again, this is coming together very well and we appreciate your supporting
the POC.



GCI Conversations v2.0.zip

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