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Subject: Comments to POC draft V0,06

Here are my questions and comments to the POC draft V0.06. I hope they can be discussed in the f2f meeting. Thank you.
(1) How to distinguish messages without looking into the payload? In other words, how should a sender set the ebXML header? Do we use the MessageLabel?

(2) How does a supplier reject an order in GCI scenario? Maybe we don't do that in the Tokyo demo.

(3) Several elements are not shown in pa.xml in Appendix B4 though these elements are "required" in pav1.0.dtd in Appendix B3.

(4) GlobalTradeItemNumber and alternateProductID should be alternative in line 2794 in appendix H. They are correctly alternative in line 2086 in appendix C.
Hirotaka Hara
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

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