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Subject: RE: TPA and ebXML Header question

Krishna Sankar wrote:
>	I do agree that we should show that complex business collaborations and
>processes can be developed using ebXML, during POC. But the primary goal of
>the POC is to show the implementations and practicality of ebXML
>specifications. The POC cannot and should not go "ahead" of the

Part of my point in my last message was that some support for complex
conversations is already baked into the BP spec.

>	We all know that any of the participating organizations can develop very
>exotic processes independently but can they develop these processes over
>published ebXML specifications is the question. 

I don't think that "real" order acceptance is very exotic.
Or order fulfillment.  Or Order-Fulfillment-Payment.

>	My major concern is that the POC looses the momentum as soon as a
>conference is over and then picks up about 3-4 weeks before the next
>conference ! (After Tokyo, the year end and Christmas will take up time
>until, again, we will be 4 weeks away from the next conference ;-0) One of
>the things I am looking for is to keep the same POC team and keep on forging
>ahead and have Vienna as the end game, with Vancouver as the mid point. We
>should table the scenarios as we think of them (kind of a POC portfolio) and
>add them to the POC while making sure that we can show traceability to the
>ebXML specs.

I agree 100%.  That's why I am interesting in lightly discussing 
scenarios for Vancouver now, and putting some of them on the table
in Tokyo.

>	I think we are still on target - in SJ we concentrated on TRP, in Tokyo we
>are showing off RegRep and the theme in Vancouver should and would be BP
>with complex interrelated business processes.'

That works for me, but I would start with simple interrelated 
business processes.  I would like do at least one negotiation
scenario, though.

>	Another idea is to have a demo room (in the ebXML website) where we can
>show different processes based on ebXML, that way we are not restricted to
>the POC to show the breadth and depth of the ebXML efforts.

That sounds like a good idea to me.  You are talking about the web site,
so it wouldn't detract from the POC efforts for the meetings.

Thanks for continuing the conversation,
Bob Haugen

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