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Subject: re: Track 1 Details


Referencing your attached Word Doc and cutting snips out!

For the Tokyo POC demo, Retail and Automotive Buyer and Seller Profiles
 for each of the vendors are pre-loaded into the registry using a
 process not explicitly shown in the demonstration but conforming to the 
R&R specification. 

<xmlg>We've been internally testing this - I'll let you know as soon as we
have a
public port up and some examples you can check-out. Looks like you
will be able to submit the Profiles as well if you want to exercise that

. The Registry/Repository has registered copies of all vendor profiles. 
The result of Steps 1-2 is a URI reference for seller profile registered
 in the repository. The multi-step drilldown procedure has been reduced
 to a singe step in the sequence diagram for simplicity. 

<xmlg>Again, we have the single step query and URI working internally. 
are some issues with the multi-step that we'll have to resolve within
RegRep.  I'm not sure what Farrukh has done on his multi-step
implementation yet.  (We're going to stick with single-step for now -
at least until Farrukh can show us some valid XML of how his multi-step 
actually works!). </xmlg>

So in summary - we should be ready for someone to actually try this
shortly from a client side or server side querying.

Thanks, DW.

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