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Subject: Fwd: TA Spce for release to the plenary


Thanks for forwarding this.

I just reviewed the PoC PPT - we need to come up with a
clear strategy here - and make sure the PPT is in 
synch with the TA .

From my own experience of presenting in Japan, I'd say
the pictures are too complex in the PoC PPT right now.

We don't need to dumb things down - but we do need to
make simple boxes and relate to real world concepts
more clearly.   

Melanie McCarthy did a great job in SJ with her presentation.
Maybe we could borrow that to show the AIAG and GCI 
process first - and then come in and show the technical

Does this make sense?  (and can we steal Melanies'
PPT from SJ?!)

Thanks, DW.

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