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Subject: RE: Payload update (New Web Site Info)

At 10:59 PM 10/26/2000 -0400, David RR Webber wrote:
>Message text written by Nicholas Kassem
> >
>As for broken RR DTD's that's an entirely different matter. I hope and
>assume you are posting this to the RR WG so it gets fixed. Is this the case
>Farrukh kinda finessed this too - by shunting all the DTD's into his
>single RegRep 08 DTD structure.  This did not fix everything, but at least
>this parses.  So we have a band-aid that can get us thru this next
>week and the PoC.
>Fixing all the DTD's individually and the classification issues is more
>work than we can do right now given everything else we have to
>do.  I have made a note of the issues and we can work them in Tokyo.


>The long term answer is to just put this down to PoC lessons learned
>and then RegRep can work on new improved versions for Vancouver.

Yep that's the whole point of this exercise. Nick.

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